Sunday, 22 April 2018

Bondi Sands Dark Tanning Foam Review

bondi sands dark tanning foam review

 A couple of months ago, I decided to give in and purchase the Bondi Sands tan for £15. I'm so used to just paying a fiver for my all time fave, St Moriz. But, I had seen so many amazing before and after results on insta and so many great reviews on YouTube so I just had to give it a go. I have been using this tan for about two months now and I'm very impressed!

The application of Bondi Sands is the easiest I've ever come across with fake tanning. There hasn't been one time where I've been streaky with this tan. Sometimes I get a few lines from where I've rubbed the tan in with the mitt and it leaves a line where I had stopped. But, I simply just pat over the lines with my mitt and they disappear straight away. I also love that you can see where you've applied the tan onto your body so you can see which areas you've missed.

bondi sands tanning foam review blog

It also smells amazing too. I usually don't mind that 'biscuit' smell that everyone talks about when they fake tan anyway but this one doesn't smell of that at all. It still smells like fake tan but it also smells like coconut which is lush. 

I usually apply my tan just before I go to bed and sling on some baggy, comfy pjs. The amount of tan that comes off onto your clothes is ridiculous! There's literally no chance you can wear those pjs a second night. The tan can also leave a reddish stain on your pillowcase - although, it easily comes out with that good ol' Vanish Gold.
So after around 8 hours, I jump into the shower to rinse it off. A lot of colour washes off and it did make me panic the first time I used this. But once you're all dry, you have the most even, natural bronzed looking tan ever. This tan lasts around six days for me along with the correct ways to maintain it.

So many people have commented on my tan and says how I'm glowing and that it really suits me. Bondi Sands states that their self tanning foam has a green undertone to prevent the orange colour which is a lifesaver! I'm so pale and always struggle with fake tan brands - I normally turn an orangey colour which really isn't a good look. But with this, it looks like I have been sitting out in the sun for a few hours and haven't burnt haha. This tan is most definitely worth every penny and I recommend to everyone. I won't be going back to St Moriz anytime soon. 

Have you ever tried Bondi Sands?

bondi sands tanning foam before and after

bondi sands dark tanning foam review blog post

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

High End vs Drugstore Highlighters for Pale Skin

high end vs drugstore highlighters blog post
Makeup Obsession - Moon // Louise Young - Owls
As I have pale skin, I have tried out many highlighters to find one that best suits my skin tone. I have been using high-end Louise Youngs 'owls' highlighter for a good few years now as it's always been perfect for me. Owls is a slightly shimmered, pale pink highlighter. It's incredibly pigmented but it's also subtle. Even when the light hits it, it pops like you'd expect it to but it's not too vigorous. That's why I use it on a day to day basis.

Owls is super soft on the skin and so easy to blend. You can easily apply this highlighter with one stroke of the brush and the pigmentation is just booming! As well as using this in the day, I also use it in the evenings - I just layer up the highlighter a couple of times to make it more excessive than it usually would be. As for how long it lasts - it literally lasts all day without going patchy/cakey. 

louise young highlighter review
Makeup Obsession - Moon // Louise Young - Owls
As for the drugstore Makeup Obsession highlighter, WOW. I had seen a recommendation on YouTube for this highlighter in the specific shade 'moon', so I thought why not give it a go for just £3? Moon is a very shimmery, white/lilac highlighter. Like owls, moon is also incredibly pigmented although you couldn't get away with it being subtle. This highlighter is more in your face compared to the other one. 

The texture of moon is soft and silk like and again, blends really easily. My reaction to applying this compared to the other highlighter is completely different. Since owning this, I wear it pretty much every single time I go clubbing or just nights out in general. You can also wear this during the day too, I have done before. It just depends how I feel on the day I'm doing my makeup on what products to use, ha! This highlighter lasts and keeps its pigmentation for absolutely ages. I have gone to bed with my makeup on and woken up with the highlighter looking as fresh as I done it the night before. 

Both of these highlighters are perfect and light enough for pale skin. You can buy Louise Youngs highlighter here for £14. Or Makeup Obsessions highlighter here for £3. 
Which one would you rather buy?

makeup obsession highlighter review
Makeup Obsession - Moon // Louise Young - Owls


Thursday, 12 April 2018

L'Oréal Magic Retouch Review

l'oreal magic retouch review

I have been looking for this root concealer for absolutely ages! They never had it in stock in several of my local Boots stores and they never had my colour in stock online either. So, when I recently went to London, I kept an eye out for it and I finally got my hands on it! To be honest, I was fairly disappointed when I saw the size of this product, it's quite a small can for £8.99. I bought it anyway as I had been wanting to try it out for ages and you never know, a little could go a super long way. 

My hair always grows extremely quickly which means I get those dreaded roots quickly too. I am naturally ginger and I have a full head of loads of blonde highlights. Luckily, the blonde and the ginger blend quite nicely when it grows out but I always leave my hair so long before I get my roots touched up again and that's when I need a miracle product to hide the contrast. 

l'oreal magic retouch blog review

Magic retouch has a decent smell, it's very similar to the smell of hairsprays. Due to the size of the nozzle and the huge amount of product that sprays out, it is extremely hard to apply and see where you've been. Although, it is very quick at drying so you can then spray more product on once it's dry. I think it's just my ginger roots, but this didn't work for me at all. It lightened my hair a little bit but it never camouflaged my roots to blend in with the blonde. I have seen people with darker hair using it and it works amazingly for them and it also covers up their grey hairs. 

I had been using dry shampoo before I got my hands on this, not only for when it needed washing but to blend my roots in and that worked an absolute treat! And, it was also cheaper. For now, I'm sticking to using my dry shampoo as a root concealer.
Have you tried L'Oréal's magic retouch?
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