Wednesday, 9 August 2017

My Favourite Scent All Year Round...

 ysl black opium perfume review

ysl black opium review

I don't usually write about fragrances as I find it hard to explain how things smell. But, I really wanted to tell you about my most favourite scent that I wear all year round! It is, of course Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium. Let me mention the gorgeous design of the bottle first... I love it! It's black and sparkly with a bumpy texture, it's just a unique and attractive bottle.

With base notes of vanilla, middle notes of white florals and top notes of black coffee; it's girly, strong and sweet (if that makes sense, ha). It's quite a sweet scent but spicy and it's potent which lasts a good few hours although I always keep it handy in my bag to refresh throughout the day. I don't actually know anyone that dislikes this perfume. I get so many compliments and questions on this perfume when I wear it.

Have you tried any of YSL's Opium range?

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil

dr botanicals facial oil

Yet again, Dr Botanicals have kindly sent me another one of their products to try out. I had high expectations for this facial oil as the other products I tried out previously were amazing! I have been using this product for over a month now to really see a difference. This facial oil is full of minerals and vitamins which work together to protect and renew the skin. The ingredients contained is:
-Vitamin C which helps to stimulate collagen production, for younger looking skin.
-Vitamin A which is a powerful antioxidant with the aims to even the skin tone and reduce signs of ageing.
-Almond oil which deeply moisturises and nourishes skin whilst brightening the complexion for brighter, fresh looking skin.

dr botanicals moroccan rose facial oil

All I do is squeeze 3-4 drops of the oil from the pipette into the palm of my hands and lightly rub together to warm the oil. I then apply it to my face and let it soak in overnight. It feels moisturising instantly after applying but my skin still feels oily. I do have very oily skin and have always suffered with it anyway but the past couple of months, it has been a lot worse than usual.

The consistency of the oil is really runny and quite thin but it smells gorgeous! It smells of roses, obviously. I've never ever used a facial oil in my life, maybe they're just better for dry skin types. I feel like this product doesn't really make a difference to my 'oily' skin type. But, it does leave my skin moisturised, hydrated and brighter.

*This post features products which I was sent for a review. As always, my review and opinions are completely honest and my own.